Friday, September 13, 2013

How to use Settle up with more e-mail accounts

Do you have more than one e-mail, each for a different purpose? Do you want to share Settle up groups with your roommates as well as with your colleagues at work? Follow this tutorial and use your work e-mail to share groups with coworkers and your private e-mail to share groups with your friends. Log-in with the email you want and then add your secondary (third, ...) e-mail.
Follow these steps:

1) Open group list

2) Go to "Available shared groups" screen

3) Click on "More groups" button

4) Add new e-mail

5) Check your mailbox and confirm the new email address

E-mail should arrive immediately, if not, try to check your spam folder, or try to resend the verification e-mail as described below.

6) You are done!

On "Available shared groups" screen you can see groups shared to newly added email.

Wha if I want to remove my secondary e-mail, or the verification e-mail got lost?

Go to settings

Open "Authorized emails section"

Click on the email you want to remove

Remove it, or resend the verification e-mail!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Track roommate expenses with Settle Up

Do you live in a shared flat? Then you and your roommates have to manage payment of many joined bills and expenses - starting with the rent and ending with toilet paper or new lightbulb. Settle Up can help you simplify tracking these expenses and it also tells you who should pay next.

It only takes few easy steps to make your life a lot simpler!

1) Create a shared group for you and your roommates

We suppose you and your roommates have already downloaded the app for iPhone, Android or use the web interface. You can create a new group like this:

How to manage groups on iPhone and Android

How to Add group on iPhone and Android

Type your group name (For example "Flatmates"), enable group sharing (Sync & backup on Android) and add all your roommates. Choose roommates from your contact list or add them manually. You have to fill in email for every mate you want to share the group with.

New group on iPhone and Android

Share with on iPhone and Android


2) Ask your roommates to connect to the shared group

Let your roommates run Settle Up, open group management screen and click on "Available shared groups" button. Click on your "Flatmates" group and voila you are now synced together.

Join shared group on iPhone and Android


3) Add your payments!

From now on enter all your payments related to your "Flatmates" group into Settle Up. Keep in mind that you are not only limited to expenses shared with all of your flatmates! Did you pay a dinner for one of your flatmates? Type it into Settle Up and it will be later used to cover your flat related expenses.

This may sound a bit like magic, but it is truly simple. After you bought your flatmate a dinner, he owes you 5 bucks and Settle Up now knows about it. Lets say that the same flatmate later pays 24 bucks for washing machine repair. If you are 4 flatmates it makes 8 bucks for everyone. Now the other two flatmates owe him 8 bucks, but you only owe 3, because you have a prepaid credit with him!


4) Check who should pay next

Is it time to pay the electricity bill? Check who is in the red and let them pay the bill! In Android version you can find out "Who should pay?" info on the Summary tab and iPhone version shows this on the homescreen.

Who should pay on iPhone and Android


5) Someone leaving the flat?

Never mind, simply open the settle debts screen and get even by making the final settlement.

Settle debts on iPhone and Android


6) Do you have a new flatmate?

No problem. Simply add him/her to your group. He/she will start with zero on the account, which changes with the first payment.

Do you want to start tracking your roommate expenses with Settle Up?

Download iPhone application
Download Android application